Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

and by Apollo GT, Antonio Castillo de la Gala, Valerie Evans, Grace Carelli, Katherine Maghen, Manya Oriz, Conley Abrams, Vikki LizziSimona Maghen, Mike Hatton, and more to come

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Kuba was born after 11 years of my marriage to Prof. Andrzej Stepniak on March 28, 1986 in Gdansk, Poland. I was already a young attorney at 32 years old. My husband and I loved our work and we loved arts, especially antiques and classical music. Kuba came to the world as our biggest gift from the Gods. He was the treasure of our life. He was very intelligent and talented boy from the beginning. He did not create any problems for us. He loved to keep himself busy. At 5 years old he started his artistic creativity for the audience at his kindergarten. He loved to create and be a part of the performances. He loved to sing and act. He wanted to show his audience the good things in life, the beautiful stories, beautiful songs, beautiful  artistic costumes, and positive messages. His inspiration was Walt Disney. He became successful in Poland very early. He got his program for Polish Radio Wawa as the little boy and he was very well known at the Polish TV stations as the unique talented young man.

Many articles in Polish press also began to talk about Kuba Stepniak. He was in Polish school textbooks for the children as the special and very successful talent with very unique personality. He created  the performance for The Odyssey of the Mind when he was 10 years old. His performance was the best in the whole Poland and  together with his team they won first place in Europe. They came to US with this performance and got 11th place globally.

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