Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 7

Kuba was a young, talented, and educated man with no limit to his artistic creativity and he loved to work hard and didn’t create any problems; no drugs, no alcohol. Kuba loved very much to have a healthy lifestyle. Frank did appreciate that about Kuba. Frank wanted to push further and take Kuba’s image to the next level. He didn’t see Kuba with dark blond hair. He envisioned Kuba’s hair color and look as a California Boy with longer light blond hair. Kuba was not very happy with Frank’s decision. But he did trust Frank and took his advice.

Kuba embraced the black culture and the impact it has made in his life. He respected and loved working with black musicians, dancers, and singers. Kuba was always saying deep down he felt like he was black. Frank found for him a team of young black talents to create together Kuba’s first American songs: Combat and Street of Freedom. These two songs were recorded at The Capitol Studio. It was great for Kuba’s new experience with Frank’s assistance during his recording.

Frank loved Kuba’s passion for artistic work. He also liked his voice and new look. Frank loved calling Kuba “The God of Pop”. He had a very serious plan regarding Kuba’s artistic career in US and enjoyed every moment of work with Kuba and Kuba was very happy and proud of his work under Frank DiLeo’s management. They both had very long conversations everyday about the artistic matters and business plan. Frank did inform Kuba about his heart problems. He said it was the result of the huge stress after Michael Jackson’s death. In any case, Frank wanted to be very optimistic in front of Kuba and they had so much fun working together.

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