Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 18

I am very grateful that Kuba’s journey continues on, not only in Heaven, but also on Earth as there has been a significant outpouring of love from many who have kept such fond memories of Kuba in their hearts, and so have expressed interest in adding their thoughts, comments and memories on his new website which are warmly welcomed. And as the mother of Kuba, I’d be especially grateful to all who wish to contribute/share their thoughts and feelings! Thank you and God Bless!


by Vikki Lizzi


A Few Words about Andrzej Stepniak, Kuba Ka’s father and forever a hero to his only son. Professor Andrzej Stepniak was a well known, respected Professor in Europe. His enthusiasm and passion towards a Union with Europe led him to becoming instrumental in giving Poland one of the greatest of gifts, leading Poland to join the European Union. He cherished freedom and fought for the democracy of the people.


He worked diligently and passionately to educate thousands upon thousands of students in Europe, especially in Poland. His students were well aware of the prestigious honor it was, that came with studying under the Professor, as he was highly influential and known for being able to open many a door for his young students, helping them to embark on their career path.


Kuba was his only child and above all, loved him unconditionally. He was very much the hero in Kuba’s life and Kuba was exceptionally grateful to have him as his father. The inseparable bond between father and son was truly amazing. They understood each other perfectly, always in sync, and together, were the best of friends. Andrzej was devoted to helping build Kuba’s career in the United States as they both shared Kuba’s big dreams and an endearing love for America!! Both were exceptionally well educated yet at the same time, extremely easy going and very much down to earth. They loved people, loved the arts and there were no limits when it came to creativity. They were gracious and friendly to all, and equally trusting. Many would end up taking advantage, so much so, that it would become sad & disappointing, as they had high hopes in their dedication of wanting to build Kuba’s artistic goals in the U.S.


Both handsome in their own right, they brought endless love and light to the world and the people around them. They loved contributing to various charities, not only wanting to help their fellow human beings in need but also the poor animals, horses in particular, dogs and wild animals in Africa. They were continually working for the Foundation of Queen Elizabeth the Second and RSPCA/World Society for the Protection of Animals and were taking part in changing the laws to protect animals in Poland. Andrzej and Kuba were always an inspiration to each other. Working non stop, they were so truly devoted to their work and art, that vacations were the last thing on their minds and therefore never took any. They loved life, art and the beauty of nature but mostly they believed in love and respect for others and being there for whomever might be in need. Andrzej’s circle of friends included many famous professors and dignitaries the world over. And with that, sadly, brings much envy and jealousy, alas they kept to the business at hand, staying busy and much too focused to give those types any of their time or attention and stayed true on their course to success, with brimming, positive energy. 


They no doubt stay in each other’s hearts as they both reside forever in the U.S., at the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn Park. One of their shared sayings would often be heard at one time or another… “Home is where our Dreams belong”. 


After Kuba’s father’s death on December 19, 2019 Kuba wrote the song “Castle of Dreams“ and filmed the music video for the song, which would be his last, in February of 2020. 


A sincere thank you to Apollo Male Models Magazine for having Kuba Ka grace the Winter/Spring Cover of their amazing magazine in 2013/2014. An exciting, memorable shoot which encouraged and captured Kuba’s refreshing, exotic spirit. But it is with profound heartfelt gratitude… for keeping his name & memory alive.  

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