Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

page 5

Kuba came to Los Angeles before Christmas 2008. Frank DiLeo was very busy, because  Michael Jackson was getting ready for his come back and upcoming concerts in London. Frank appreciated Kuba’s talent and unique artistic personality very much. He also liked to talk with me because of our Italians roots, etc… But he had not enough time for Kuba to develop his career during those days. Kuba was going about his plan regarding building the Principality in Las Vegas; he had many business meetings in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas with his business partners. He also was recording his first song in the US, Be With You.

Kuba got the opportunity to live at the house of Linda Evans in Beverly Hills on Hazen Drive. It was a nice place, Linda was very nice and did meet with us there few times as she was living at that time in Oregon and made her visits in Beverly Hills sometimes. Kuba, Dad (Prof. Andrzej Stępniak) and I spent the Christmas 2008 at the mansion of Linda Evans house with few American friends and Kuba’s team. Michael Jackson at that time resided at the beautiful mansion in Holmby Hills. Dad, famous European Prof. Andrzej Stepniak, was fantastic person and a fun guy!!! He loved Kuba and me more than anything else, we were a great little family. We were always celebrating our family’s events together. Dad loved to take care of us. He was preparing Christmas decorations, Christmas Tree and many gifts for all of us. We loved our family and many other people. After Christmas Eve dinner we were driving to the homeless shelter in Downtown LA to bring the people food and gifts.

Michael was very sick and weak, but very nice to Kuba anyway. Kuba met him few times. Kuba loved Michael’s talent and his very kind personality. Kuba did respect the private life of Michael Jackson so he never was asking for picture with him. Kuba didn’t like to take advantage of people, especially famous people. Kuba enjoyed the time with them and loved to learn from them. They did talk about arts.

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Frank Di Leo posing with Kuba Ka