Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Grace Carelli

page 12

I became closer to Kuba after his father passing. I would say it was in his most vulnerable times so I embraced him like my own son. He had a very sensitive soul and heart. On the outside he looked like goddess with the enormous presence and the moment he walked into a room Kuba was noticed, not only for his flamboyant attire and demeanor but you knew he was a star sent to this world for a reason.

Kuba was brilliantly eloquent and with dreams for a beautiful and better future expressed through his art and generosity to so many people he touched in his journey.

It’s hard to express my feelings of losing Kuba, an amazing young man whom I truly admire for his work, his ability to bring people together through talents as a performer and his passion for life with the personality bigger than life itself…

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