Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Tina Trozzo

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Kuba loved the animals, especially the poor ones at the shelters. He loved to go to the shelters and bring food or walk them. When he was 14 years old he started to organize big concerts to help animals at the shelters. His concerts drew a crowd of 5000 people live and millions of people on Polish TV stations. The press and journalists were coming to our home and his schools and his concerts all the time to do interviews and photographs with Kuba Stepniak. He loved to invite the best singers for the concerts that he had created. He became very famous and successful teen in Poland!!!

He also had developed his knowledge about the arts, and the care for the animals world wide. He was the member of Queen Elisabeth Foundation to protect the animals around the world. He loved all animals: dogs, cats, horses and the wild animals too. He made a huge campaign to protect horses in Europe. He was very much against killing horses for meat. He and animal organizations changed the Polish Law regarding the horses! Kuba was traveling to many countries, especially to Africa to protect the wild animals there. He noticed a lot of poor kids in Africa and he started to help them. He made a big Concert for poor children in Africa. The concert was in Warsaw in December 2002 for 6000 people live and millions on TV. His special guest was Oscar Winner Actress Vanessa Redgrave! They were singing together on the stage at this concert in Warsaw. Vanessa Redgrave loved Kuba and his vision!!! Kuba became the Ambassador of United Nation when he was 16 years old. Polish First Lady Jolanta Kwasniewska with big communistic background did not like this scenario about Kuba.

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