Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Manya Oriz

page 14

A very simple name, with lots of Artistic Influences. Kuba was a European well known young Actor and Singer. He was an intelligent and very talented Artist.

I happened to know Kuba and his family for many years. His father Andrzej Stepniak was a very successful Professor in Poland. His mother is a very respectful International Attorney with lots of integrity, and Passion for her profession.

Kuba was a single child, with lots of impeccable manners, very well spoken, and had a very good upbringing. Since his young age he loved to perform, he was born to be a performer.

As we all know, Kuba captured our hearts with his unique Artistic talents. He was extremely charismatic, and a well oriented performer. He could dance, act, sing , and do so many other things.

Kuba was never tired to perform, he was always an exuberant Magical Performer. I remembered when Kuba performed at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. It was an exceptional multitalented and Unique Performance. Kuba was singing, while he was doing his acrobatics, and all the amazing side effects. It was a night with a Spectacular outstanding unique performances. The Dynamic of Kuba’s uniqueness will never be repeated; he was the God of Pop and will never be duplicated by any one. That’s who Kuba was.

He was a mentor to under privileged children, and a great philanthropist. He wanted to help the world, his heart was like a golden Star.

He loved the animals too, his passion was to help the world for a better future.

Kuba was an Amazing young man, and I’m missing him so much. He left us behind lots of memories, and most of all his Great Legacy. 


Love you Kuba for ever 

Your aunt, Manya

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