Remembering KUBA-Ka

by Valerie Evans

page 11

Kuba Ka was an amazing young man! I was proud to have become a close friend of Kuba. Whilst there are many years between our ages, we shared so many values, including a mutual passion for creativity and the arts.

My first meeting with Kuba was in 2009 and I was completely blown away by his incredible energy and enthusiasm for life, particularly when discussing his huge ambition for creating an outstanding experiential music venue in Las Vegas for his fans to enjoy. This would include an arena for live performances, restaurants, hotels, and retail all designed in the theme of “Kuba Kingdom”. My colleague Tom Wright, designer of the Burj AI Arab was invited to design Kuba’s vision. Over the years we discussed Kuba’s ideas, hopes and dreams for this development and his excitement never waned. All the while he was becoming more famous with release of his first radio single an his first motion picture in 2013. Later, Avalon in 2014, his new record Gods and then his reimagining as Amen Ra in 2017.

Despite the transformations he went through from a fresh young boy at our first meeting to the strong, powerful man he became, the Kuba inside did not change. His wonderful, innocent, excitement for life and his warm love of the people around him prevailed and continues to endure within all those who were blessed to know him.

I will sadly miss the lively emails from him telling me all about his latest achievements and letting me know that my friendship was important to him. I will miss that radiant smile and the utter kindness and generosity he showed to those less fortunate. For him it was the love of humanity that ignited his soul and for this he will not be forgotten.

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